Privacy Policy


In general, you can go to internet sites, tell us who you are or tell any information about yourself. Our Internet servers collect the domain names and IP addresses of visitors and keep them for one month. This information is collected to measure the number of visits, the average time spent on the site, the pages viewed, and similar information. uses this information to measure the use of our site and to develop ideas for improving the content of our site. We never share your email address with third parties.

We are committed to protecting personal information
To better meet your needs now and in the future, we can ask you to provide some information. We understand that you may be concerned about what we will do with such information – especially about any personal information We agree that you have the right to know how we will use the personal information you provide. Therefore, we have adopted this privacy statement to control the use and operation of your personal information.

Use of information
We seek information from you for your own legitimate business purposes and not for the benefit of any non-profit party. Therefore, we will not release your information to unaffected parties:
(1) necessary for us to provide the product or service you requested; (2) In accordance with the law; Or
(3) Otherwise specified here. Such information can be used for any internal purpose, such as quality control efforts or analysis.